10 Tips to Help You Baby Proof Your Home

| June 25, 2012

Baby Safety1.      Doors

  • Put decals on sliding glass doors so your child won’t run into them.
  • Use door knob covers on all doors you do not want your child to open.
  • Use safety latches on cabinet doors.

2.      Windows

  • Install guards so that they cannot open more than 6 inches.
  • Tie up cords to blinds to eliminate the risk of your baby getting tangled up in them.
  • Install safety glass in low windows or French doors so they won’t shatter if a child falls into them.
  • Avoid putting furniture or anything that can be climbed on near windows.

3.      Electricity

  • Cover all unused electrical outlets with safety plugs that snap into outlets.  When toddlers start crawling, they often try to put their fingers or other objects into exposed outlets and end up with a serious burn.

4.      Stairways

  • Install gates at the bottom of stairs so that babies cannot crawl up them.  Do not put gates at top of stairs because some babies can climb over them and fall from greater heights. Instead put a gate at the doorway of their bedroom.

5.      Bathroom

  • Start by turning down the water temperature on your water heater to help avoid any burning problems.
  • You may also want to consider purchasing toilet lid locks.

6.      Coffee Tables

  • Remove breakable items from them.
  • Use corner cushions and wraparound guards on low, sharp-edged tables.
  • If you have a glass top table, consider replacing it with safety glass to prevent your baby from shattering it.

7.      Houseplants

  • Keep houseplants out of reach from your baby, they could eat them or the dirt and possibly choke.

8.      Crib

  • Remember to never sleep with your baby in your bed you could roll over and smother your child, when you are feeling sleepy put your child in their crib.
  • When babies are 5 months old mobiles should be removed, the small parts could be a choking hazard and the string poses the risk of entanglement.
  •  The bumpers and blankets should go too, they up the risk of SIDS and suffocation.

9.      Pet Food

  • Dry kibble is a choking hazard.  Keep pet dish in an enclosed area where your baby cannot get to, if you cannot do this watch and wait until your pet is finished eating then remove the dish.

10.  TV Stands

  • Look for an Underwriters Laboratories sticker which proves the product has met government standards to hold a TV.  Never put a TV on top of a dresser, open drawers up the risk of tipping.

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