Demand for Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

| November 6, 2012

There is a growing demand for health-conscious services in the United States.  Americans statistically are more concerned with creating healthier eating habits these days and are also more conscience with focusing on exercise practices.  Some of the ways in which employers have chosen to give back to their employees is through employee wellness programs. These programs are designed to promote healthiness and to improve the lifestyle of individuals working in the workplace.

What most employers do is they set up discount systems with a local or nearby gym and recreational center and create a program that has a discounted price for the volume of employees that join.  This is very helpful in allowing the employee to choose a less expensive avenue to work out regularly so that they can start to incorporate a healthier quality of fitness into their daily routine.

There are systems that include the employer donating a percentage of the annual membership fees toward the gym membership so that the employee does not have to pay full price.  There are also programs that allow for a discounted “corporate” rate as well.  These rates are worked out between the business and the fitness center.  Also at fitness centers these days are programs that include classes, nutritional information, and other types of educational programs.  All of these programs go back to supporting the employee and creating a healthier lifestyle for the workplace overall.

Employees take strong note to this and benefit greatly from this, as does the employer.  The gym and recreation center benefits from employee wellness programs by bringing in a high-volume of new clients at a discounted rate.  Right now there is a growing concern over common health issues including heart disease, obesity, and other nutritional and health considerations. With the baby boomer generation approaching retirement and a new generation of younger and more active individuals in the workplace, employee wellness programs are on the rise and the demand for these initiatives are climbing.

There are even some organizations that have taken the time to create incentive programs that have proven to work. These programs include weight-loss programs similar to The Biggest Loser and there are nutritional elements that employers have started implementing over recent years that have been generating a lot of success.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to promote health and wellness among your employee population in addition to showing your employees that you care about them and their health which creates a happier and more motivated employee.

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